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Roland VersaUV
LEC Series UV Printer/Cutters

Roland VersaUV LEC-330/LEC-540 Series

VersaUV LEC Series Print & Cut

As an Authorised Dealer, Solvent Printers is committed to delivering Roland printers with high quality after-sales support and service. We aim to ensure clients are able to get the best return on investment for their business.

As the world’s first UV inkjet printer/cutters, the VersaUV LEC printer/cutters provide design agencies, repro houses, printers and brand owners in the packaging and label markets a new solution for packaging prototypes/proofs and short-run production of labels. For the first time, you can now print CMYK plus white and clear inks for varnishing and embossing effects on virtually any substrate and then crease and contour kiss-cut your designs, all on one device. The results are colour-accurate prototypes/proofs that are virtually indistinguishable from the finished product.

Roland has partnered with the industry’s leading providers of colour management and proofing software tools for the offset, gravure and flexography industries. As a result of these partnerships, new software drivers are available, providing a seamless workflow from design to finished print. Fully integrated solutions ensure that your packaging prototypes and proofs achieve a colour-accurate look and feel on your specified stock at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional processes.

Available in two sizes

LEC-540 model is 1.37m (54”) in width and LEC-330 model is 0.76m (30”) in width

Roland VersaUV LEC Series UV Printer Ink

ECO-UV ink is ideal for indoor graphics, offering superior scratch and chemical resistance. Outdoors, ECO-UV ink lasts up to two years when clear ink is applied as a finish and up to six months without clear. Packaged in no-mess 220ml cartridges, ECO-UV ink is VOC-free and safe after curing. With ECO-UV ink, adequate ventilation is recommended. The LEC series is ventilation-ready, featuring a ventilation hood for easy connection with an air filtration system.

ECO-UV ink adheres to a wide range of treated and untreated substrates with exceptional colour gamut. Instant-drying and flexible, ECO-UV ink produces prints that require no degassing and can be stretched and applied around curved surfaces and edges without cracking.

3 Ink Configurations

  • C
  • M
  • Y
  • K
  • W
  • C
  • 4 Colours : CMYK + White (W) + Clear (C)
  • C
  • M
  • Y
  • K
  • W
  • W
  • 4 Colours : CMYK + White (W) + White (W)
  • C
  • M
  • Y
  • K
  • C
  • C
  • 4 Colours : CMYK + Clear (C) + Clear (C)

An unprecedented range of substrates

The VersaUV LEC printer/cutter is able to print directly onto an extensive range of materials, including metallic and synthetic paper, foils, BOPP, PE and PET film.  The VersaUV also supports card stock, plastic board, polycarbonate and other rigid substrates up to 1 mm thick.

For wider applications, the Versa UV can also print directly onto synthetic and natural leathers, window coverings, fabrics and other interior décor items.

Textured Print

Feel The Colour

A powerful feature of the VersaUV is its ability to use ECO-UV clear coat to create a wide range of special effects, from overall matt or gloss finishes or stunning spot highlights. For ease of design the Roland Texture Library features 72 ready-to-use textures that can be achieved by layering the LEC’s clear coat ink. Plus you can use the clear ink to design effects such as water droplets, faux leather and crocodile skin...even Braille.

Advanced Media Take Up System

Advanced Media Take Up System

The LEC series includes an automated media take-up system to facilitate precision unattended printing and cutting. This pre-assembled unit includes an advanced tension-controlled take-up system for optimum media feed and tracking.

Integrated Print/Crease/Cut

The Versa UV LEC printer/cutter streamlines the production process by automatically printing, and contour kiss cutting printed graphics all within the same device. By eliminating the need to reload and reposition graphics, the LEC integrated printer/cutter saves valuable time and effort. The LEC can contour cut through the top layer of lined media or create a perforated cut on non-lined media (like card stock for packaging prototypes). By changing the cutting tool, the VersaUV can also crease your media for easy, accurate folding of packaging prototypes.

State of the art curing system

This twin lamp configuration of the VersaUV enables a choice of gloss or matt clear finishes. When gloss finish is selected, only the right lamp is used for curing, allowing enough time for clear droplets to spread and form a smooth surface which reflects light evenly. For matt finish, both lamps are used, curing the clear droplets shortly after they land on the media to form a textured surface which scatters the light.

Roland VersaWorks Logo

VersaWorks RIP Software

VersaWorks™ RIP software has been developed exclusively for Roland inkjet printers and printer/cutters and is built with the latest Adobe Postscript engine. Its’ intuitive and easy-to-use interface means that no matter whatever your level of experience you’ll find it simple, as well as a must-have part of your production package. For the VersaUV LEC series, VersaWorks includes the Roland Texture Library featuring 72 ready-to-use textures that can be applied to designs by layering the LEC’s clear coat ink VersaWorks™ also enables Variable Data Printing, can support up to four Roland devices simultaneously and automatically calculates the ink usage and print time for each graphic so you can accurately monitor time and costs. Other features of VersaWorks™ include embedded ICC profile support, ink level adjustment tools, error diffusion for outstanding print quality and advanced scaling, cropping, tiling and nesting options. Plus, VersaWorks™ supports precision contour kiss-cutting and perf-cut for die cutting, allowing the user to print and cut from one software as well as avoiding the need for post-print trimming. VersaWorks™ is fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP and process images in hot folders produced on an Apple Mac. It also supports most industry standard file formats such as TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF And with VersaWorks™ you can always have the most up-to-date version as you’ll receive free ongoing online software updates.

Roland Care Logo

Roland Care Warranty

There’s no question that Roland inkjets combine unbeatable performance with known Roland reliability. But to give you further peace of mind the LEC printer/cutter comes with a comprehensive 1 year RolandCare warranty

Roland Support Logo

Roland OnSupport - Remote Production Partner

The LEC-540 features Roland OnSupport, an online customer support system allowing users to remotely track the status of their printer. The system sends e-mails to users notifying them of important information such as when a job is completed and when ink is running low. Roland OnSupport users can also quickly download firmware updates and important product information.

RolandDG Academy Logo

Roland Academy Course

Installation and on-site training is available as part of your LEC printer/cutter package..

VersaUV LED Lamps

The LED lamps contain many advantages over conventional UV lamps. Firstly, in terms of longevity the VersaUV LED lamps last up to 10,000 hours which is ten times longer than conventional UV lamps. Secondly, while conventional UV lamps can reach temperatures as high as 1500°F (800°C) requiring complex heat management systems, the LED lamps on the LEC series generate very little heat. This ensures that the UV lamps virtually eliminate any heat-related risks such as substrate damage and head crash caused by media deformation. It also means that they consume less energy than conventional UV lamps. And thirdly, LED lamps can be turned on and off instantly and are ready to use immediately after the printer is turned on. By contrast, conventional curing systems may take up to ten minutes to reach the targeted output level.

Roland VersaUV LEC Series Specification

Print Technology

Piezoelectric inkjet

Media dimensions

LEC-540: 260 to 1371 mm (10.2 to 54 in.) LEC-300: 182 to 762 mm (7.2 to 30 in.)

Media Weight

LEC-540: 30Kg LEC-300: 20Kg

Printing/Cutting Width

LEC-540: Maximum 1346 mm (53 in.) LEC-300: Maximum 736 mm (29 in.)

Printing resolution

Max: 1440 dpi

Ink Type


Ink Capacity


Ink Colours

5 colours + clear (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Clear)

Ink-curing unit

Dual UV-LED lamp

Cutting speed

10 to 600 mm/s (0.4 to 23.6 in/s) (10 to 300 mm/s in media feed direction)

Blade force

30 to 300gf

Power-saving function

Automatic sleep feature

Power comsumption During Operation

LEC-540: Maximum 490W LEC-300: Maximum 370W

Dimensions (with stand)

LEC-540: 2,925 (w) x1,120 (d) x 1,260 (h) mm (115.2 (w) x 44.1 (d) x 49.6 (h) in.) LEC-300: 2,200 (w) x 820 (d) x 1,260 (h) mm (86.6 (w) x 32.3 (d) x 49.6 (h) in.)

Weight (with stand)

LEC-540: 225 Kg (496 Ib.) LEC-300: 177 Kg (390.2 lb.)