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Roland SolJet PRO4 XF-640 Printer

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Roland SolJet PRO 4
XF-640 Printer

SolJet PRO4 XF-640 Hi Speed Digital Printer

As an Authorised Dealer, Solvent Printers is committed to delivering Roland printers with high quality after-sales support and service. We aim to ensure clients are able to get the best return on investment for their business.

The brand NEW SOLJET PRO4 XF-640 is the fastest, most advanced wide-format printer to date from Roland.

Beware the SolJet Pro 4 - Roland's most productive wide format digital printer ever and it's a beast!

Beware the SolJet Pro 4 XF-640 – Roland’s most productive wide format digital printer ever and it’s a beast!

Its solid, uniquely engineered body has been designed for strength and speed, printing undeterred at speeds of up to 102m²/hr, ideal for the demanding production environment.

At 64” wide, the XF-640 will fearlessly produce a range of stunning, durable outdoor and indoor banners, posters, signs, vehicle graphics, window graphics, exhibition graphics, roller banners and pull ups and much more in super fast time and at exceptionally high quality.

Additional pinch rollers and improved grit roller systems ensures nothing escapes its grasp, and with many more added and redesigned features along with all the great benefits of owning a Roland including VersaWorks RIP software, unsurpassed reliability and world-class RolandCare service and support it really does outperform everything in its class.

ECO-SOL MAX 2 INK - For Rich Vibrant Colours

With Eco-Sol Max 2 advanced ink technology coursing through its veins, nothing can stop the XF-640 from producing vibrant, detailed images at incredible speed. Its dual CMYK inkset provides a wide colour gamut, quick drying prints and outstanding long-term outdoor durability.

Roland PRO4 XF-640 Features

Dual CMYK Ink Configuration

Dual CMYK Ink ConfigurationFor stunning four colour graphics, the XF-640 delivers all round perfect performance. Using Roland’s new Eco-Sol Max 2 ink in a dual CMYK configuration, you get exceptional image quality at the highest speed.

Uses New, Advanced Roland Eco-Sol Max 2 Inks

Eco-Sol Max 2 InkRoland's new high-definition Eco-Sol Max 2 inks are specially designed to optimise image quality and colour on a wide range of coated and uncoated media. It’s suitable for the production of an extensive range of popular and profitable outdoor and indoor applications, offering super fast drying time, a wide colour gamut, rugged scratch resistance and low cost per square metre.

For ultimate ease of use, ink cartridges are now loaded into a redesigned unit at the front of the machine which also minimises the printer’s footprint. They come in 440ml, CMYK ‘clean hands’ cartridges and are water and UV resistant up to three years outdoors* without lamination.

Combined with variable droplet technology, Roland Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks deliver more brilliant colour with superb detail in the highlights and smoother blends overall.

*Outdoor durability is based on accelerated weather tests. Results may vary depending upon location and application. Dry times vary depending on specific media characteristics. Lamination may be required for some applications or environmental conditions.

Staggered Print Head Technology for Stunning Image Quality

Roland Print Head TechnologyThe SolJet Pro 4 XF-640 is equipped with the latest print head technology, featuring two 8-channel piezo inkjet heads with 180 nozzles per channel. It features a mirrored print head ink configuration that virtually eliminates chromatic bi-directional banding.

To achieve print speeds up to 102m²/hr, the print heads are arranged in a unique staggered formation, producing droplets of seven different sizes which capture the intricate details in your image. The result is high-density printing with vibrant colours, flawless photographic reproduction, smooth gradations and superb contrast at high speed.

Roland Intelligent Pass Control Technology

Roland Intelligent Pass ControlRoland Intelligent Pass Control technology, developed by Roland software engineers, represents the pinnacle of inkjet printing. This patent-pending system precisely controls dot placement between passes and delivers unprecedented imaging performance in all resolutions. The technology actually enhances image quality at higher print speeds thereby increasing productivity. As a result, the XF-640 produces smooth gradations and flawless solid colours while achieving faster throughput with virtually no banding in all print modes.

Advanced Media Handling

Advanced Media HandlingSolJet XF-640 is ideal for long production runs thanks to its heavy duty media handling system that stabilise printer performance, ensures precision media feeding and support for media rolls up to 40kg. For added functionality, adjustable media holders placed on either side of the take-up system support narrower media rolls.

Media loading is a breeze thanks to the XF-640’s new media loading levers, positioned conveniently at the front and the back of the machine.

For unattended roll-to-roll printing, a media take-up system is included as standard.

Unbelievable High Speed Performance

The XF-640 is in a class above the rest as you benefit from print speeds up to 102m²/hr (1,098sqft/hr) for CMYK print applications. Designed for high volume print production environments, the XF-640 will work flat out for you day after day. The XF-640 means serious business.

VersaWorks™ RIP Software

Roland VersaWorksVersaWorks™ RIP software has been developed exclusively for Roland inkjet printers and is built with the latest Adobe Postscript engine. Its’ intuitive interface means that no matter what your level of experience, you'll find it easy to use, as well as a must-have part of your production package.

VersaWorks™ supports the Roland Color System Library which accurately reproduces spot colours from colour charts and swatch books including more than 1,000 standard colours. The new spot colour replacement tool allows an operator to specify Roland colours directly in VersaWorks without the need to spend a great deal of time re-opening the source file to make changes.

Plus, VersaWorks’ latest feature includes a built-in Pantone® spot colour library. This new library helps streamline the conversion process from Pantone® to CMYK colours and ensures accurate Pantone® colour matching.

VersaWorks™ also enables Variable Data Printing, can support up to four Roland devices simultaneously and automatically estimates the ink usage and print time for each graphic so you can accurately monitor time and costs.

For flawless, unattended printing, a predictive ink calculator estimates the amount of ink needed for each job. When there is not sufficient ink to complete a job, the RIP notifies the operator prior to printing.

Other features of VersaWorks™ include embedded ICC profile support, ink level adjustment tools, error diffusion for outstanding print quality and advanced scaling, cropping, tiling and nesting options.

VersaWorks™ is fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP, and supports most industry standard file formats such as TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF files. And with VersaWorks™ you can always have the most up to date version as you'll get free ongoing online software updates.

Integrated Tri-Heater System

XF-640 Tri-HeaterThe SolJet Pro 4 XF-640’s integrated tri-heater system dries prints quickly even in high-speed modes for immediate finishing, installation or collection by the take-up system. The system features three components: a pre-heater that improves media receptiveness, a print heater to accelerate ink fastness and brightness, and a dryer to accelerate the drying process and improve productivity, workability and scratch resistance. All can be controlled from either the printer panel or Roland VersaWorks.

To take advantage of the XF-640’s maximum print speed, an optional extended dryer system is available for the XF-640. This redesigned dryer/blower unit ensures even drying across large prints and offers several advantages, including the ability to print highly saturated colour images at full speed while using the take-up rollers – without any trace of image transfer or media stickiness. The heater and blower can also be installed right on the printer to conserve space.

Intelligent Design, Reliably Productive

The XF-640 is solidly constructed and built to withstand the most demanding production environments and is equipped with special enhancements for precision printing and flawless media handling.

High Speed Network Connection

Ideal for highly efficient printing environments, the SolJet Pro 4 XF-640 comes equipped with Roland's own 100 Base-TX/10 Base-T interface, which connects seamlessly to office networks without additional software.

Roland XF-640 Specifications

Print Technology

Piezo electric inkjet

media dimensions

259 to 1625 mm (10.2 to 64 in.)

Media Weight

Max: 40kg

Printing dimensions

1615 mm (63.6 in.)

Printing resolution

Max: 1440 dpi

Ink Type

Roland ECO-SOL Max2 ink

Ink Capacity


Ink Colours

4 Colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and black

Power Consumption operation

Approx. 1,350 watts

Power Consumption sleep mode

Approx. 20 Watts


2,750 (W) × 800 (D) × 1,275 (H) mm (108 (W) × 31 (D) × 50 (H) in.)


177 kg (390 lb.)